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Olympic Bunker Trap USA


Club / Web Site 


  Phoenix, ARIZONA

 Ben Avery Clay Target Center

  Tucson, ARIZONA

 Tucson Trap & Skeet Club

  Tillar, Arkansas

 Delta Conference Center and Resort

  Redlands, CALIFORNIA

 Redlands Shooting Park

  So. El Monte, CALIFORNIA

 Triple B Clays

  Lincoln, CALIFORNIA  Coon Creek Trap & Skeet  
  Livermore, CALIFORNIA  Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club  
  Martinez, CALIFORNIA  Martinez Gun Club  
  Colorado Springs, COLORADO  Olympic Training Center  No Web Site!
  Colorado Springs, COLORADO  Pikes Peak Gun Club  
  Gainesville, FLORIDA  Gator Trap and Skeet Club  
  Land O' Lakes, FLORIDA  Tampa Bay Sporting Clays  
  Hartsfield, GEORGIA  Bridge Creek Clays  
  Ft. Benning, GEORGIA  U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit  
  Haubstadt, INDIANA  Evansville Gun Club  
  Coon Rapids, IOWA  AVAD Hunt Club  
  Valley Center, KANSAS  Wildcat Creek (Privately Owned)   Email:
  New Orleans, LOUISIANA  High Point Shooting Grounds  
  Glenn Dale, MARYLAND  Prince George's County Skeet & Trap  
  Burlington, MASSACHUSETTS  New England International Junior Shooting Sports  
  Hillsdale (College), MICHIGAN  John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center  
  Bridgeton, MISSOURI  Gateway Gun Club  
  Kansas City, MISSOURI  Saddle and Sirloin Club  
  Pacific, MISSOURI  St. Louis Skeet and Trap Club  
  Billings, MONTANA  Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex  Under Consideration (2017)
  Missoula, MONTANA  Missoula Trap and Skeet Club  
  Alda, NEBRASKA  Grand Island Skeet and Sporting Clays Club  Approved (2016)
  Broken Bow, NEBRASKA  One Box Gun Club  Canterbury Auto Trench
  Pennsville, NEW JERSEY  M&M Hunting Preserve  
  Los Alamos, NEW MEXICO  Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club  
  Johnson City, NEW YORK  Binghamton Gun Club  
  East Hampton, NEW YORK  Maidstone Gun Club  No Web Site    Google Map
  Cincinnati, OHIO  Fairfield Sportsmen's Club  
  Marengo, OHIO
 Buckeye International

 Cardinal Center Campground

  Hillsboro, OREGON  Hillsboro Trap and Skeet Club  
  Dalmatia, PENNSYLVANIA  Keystone Shooting Park  
  Muncy Valley, PENNSYLVANIA  North Mountain Sportsmen Association  
  New Tripoli, PENNSYLVANIA  Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club  
  College Station, TEXAS  Brazos 4-H Sportsmen's Club  
  Lake Jackson, TEXAS  Greenwood Gun Club  
  Lewisville, TEXAS  Dallas Gun Club  
  Kerrville, TEXAS  Hill Country Shooting Sports  
  San Antonio, TEXAS  National Shooting Complex  
  Saint Jo, TEXAS  Willawalla Creek Shooting Center  
  San Antonio, TEXAS  San Antonio Gun Club  
  Southside, TENNESSEE  Montgomery County Shooting Complex  
  Nashville,, TENNESSEE  Nashville Gun Club  
  Quantico MCB, VIRGINIA  Quantico Shooting Club  
  Renton, WASHINGTON  Renton Fish & Game Club  
  Nekoosa, WISCONSIN  Wisconsin Shooting Complex and Learning Center  

Olympic Bunker Trap Canada


Club / Web Site 


  Calgary, AB

 Calgary Firearms Centre

  Richmond, BC

 Vancouver Gun Club

  Oak Bluff, MB

 Winnipeg Trap and Skeet Club

 Two Bunkers
  Cookstown, ON  Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club  
  Les Cedres, QC  Montreal Skeet Club  
  L'Acadie, QC  L'Acadie  
  Saskatoon, SK  Saskatoon Gun Club  Saskatoon Gun Club Promo



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Olympic Bunker Overview

An international discipline that incorporates fifteen machines.

Targets have a minimum height of 1.5 meters and a maximum height of 3.5 meters as measured 10 meters in front of the bunker.

Targets are thrown at an average speed of 62 mph depending on the target height to get the 76 m +/-1 m meter distance required.

The maximum target angle is 45 degrees.

There are nine set programs for the fifteen traps that are used in all countries of the world.

A squad of six shooters take turns shooting from five stations.

Shooters move to the next station after each target in a shoot-and-move rotation.

Beverley Clay Target Centre - UK

The shooting stations are located in a straight line. On the call “pull” (phono-pull release system is utilized to insure equitable target releases), a clay is thrown from one of three fixed traps directly in front of each of five shooters.

    The voice release system used in London was made by Electro Progretti. The EP box is capable of throwing in the neighborhood of 30 different events, as well as scoring and outputting data to scoreboards, etc.

    Olympic voice call have no delay for trap. Skeet has a 0-3 Second Delay and Double trap is 0-1 Second. The microphone is only on when its the individual shooters turn, not for all shooters, as in American trap.

Two shots may be used for each target with no penalty in scoring. In finals only one shot allowed!

Each shooter gets two lefts, two rights, and one straightaway target from each station (Presentations sequence computer controlled).

Shot charge is restricted to 24 Grams (approx. 7/8 oz.) using any safe powder charge (plated shot is allowed).

The Olympic target is made harder, so to handle the higher target speed. The target is of different size than the standard American trap target.

Olympic Bunker Doubles

Two targets are launched simultaneously from two traps of station three’s set of three fixed traps. As in Olympic singles, squads of six shooters shoot in rotation from five stations, shooting a round of 20 or 25 pairs (40 or 50 targets). Scoring is one point per target hit.

Sanctioned Competitions (USA)

  • USA Match Directors may allow up to 1 – 1/8 oz. loads if stated in the program. No national USA records may be set if 1 1/8 oz loads are used.

  • Eye Protection: All shooters are urged to wear shatterproof shooting glasses or similar eye protection.

  • Release Trigger (USA): Any competitor using any type of release trigger can not compete in any finals rounds and can not make the National Team, National Development Team or any USA Shooting Team.

  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on the ranges and in the official spectator area.

  • Lost: Shooter is not able to fire the gun for any reason attributable to the fault of the shooter.

  • Target Distance: 76 m +/-1 m


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  • Scholastic Clay Target Program

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    Posted By: Joe Potosky

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