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Kent Cartridge

Potential New Baltimore Gun Law Draws Objections

Bear makes Boulder house call twice in two weeks

Armed Citizen
Home invasion reported in Duquesne; suspect shot

Audio & Video Reports
Coyote Snatches Family Dog Off San Francisco Home’s Steps

YouTube for Clay Target Shooters
Little D gets her new Briley 410 Tubes

YouTube Bunker Trap & International Skeet
Baku 2017 - 4th Islamic Solidarity Games - Mixed Skeet

Gun Ranges in the News
Clark County shooting club works to gain new members, grow sport

Gun Ranges Under Attack
Neighbors involve county in skeet range controversy

U.S. & Canada Target Shooting News
Iowa state trapshoot a "second to nothing" experience for participants

Target Shooting (Other Countries)
YCTC enjoys sturdy competition on Sunday

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Keith Coyle
Only Perfect Practise Makes Perfect - Coaching Articles

Bunker Trap
Bellbird shooter Tom Turner strives for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games despite end of double trap

International Skeet
Vizzi, Hancock Claim Skeet Titles to Close USA Shooting National Championships for Shotgun

Junior Shooters in the News
Eagles soar at Shotgun Nationals: Allen shooters win national championship

Junior & Collegiate Videos
Metro trap shooting team aimed to be the best - now they are

Animal Rights
Local food processing plant site of animal rights protest Tuesday

Busy beavers: Board of Health issues ‘emergency’ trapping permits

Gun Owners Are Voting Republican Now More Than Ever: Study

Canadian Audio / Video
Gun haters oppose Olympic sports complex

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Gamaliel  Lawrence Brand 

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    Armed Citizen


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    YouTube for Clay Target Shooters



    Bunker Trap & International Skeet


    Gun Ranges in the News



    Gun Ranges Under Attack



    U.S. & Canada Target Shooting News

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    Keith Coyle

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