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HOA Katie Reynolds

The Jack Course .410 - NSSA Skeet - 200 Targets

Returning champion, North Carolina junior shooter Katie Reynolds defended her crown and won HOA with a 184x200.  Nils Englund was second with a 182x200, and Bill Weed placed third scoring 181x200.

Along with Katie, shooters from Canada, Vermont, and New York were in attendance.  Temperatures were in the mid 80's with a breeze kicking up from time to time.

A small number of people assisted in running the shoot, without whose help the shoot would not have been possible.  A Hat's Off for those who took time out from busy schedules to lend a hand!

St. Albans Bay, Vermont - July 9, 2006

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Photos: Bryce Verrall & Joe Potosky

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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