Shoot Photographs

If you published your photographs to another site, I will post the link on the Lost Target!

Attended a clay target shoot and have photographs you like to share with fellow shooters?

This is a free service that promotes clay target shooting!


The Lost Target website will post photos from any clay target shoot held anywhere in the world!

America, Canada, Asia, England, France, Australia, South Africa!!!

E-mail photos of those who shot there first 25 or 100 straight in trap or skeet.

5 photos or 105 photos... numbers don't matter... share your shoot photos!

Any information you provide will be helpful.

Club Information:

  • Club Name
  • Club Location (i.e., Albany, Georgia, England)

    Shoot Information:

  • Name of shoot
  • Type of clay target shoot: Sporting, Olympic Bunker, Skeet, FITASC, etc.
  • Date(s) of the shoot

    Anyone can submit photos, not just shoot management!

    I can lighten dark photos!

    I can receive high resolution photos.  It's recommended you send several e-mails, instead of one large grouping, if sending the originals.

    Posting photos to the Lost Target is a free service!

    I will also post the shoot report and/or scores from the event.

    E-mail photographs to:   The Lost Target - Joe Potosky

    If you published your photographs on another site, I will post a link to your photographs on the Lost Target, feel free to email the link


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