2006 Eastern Zone Championships
Cicero, New York - July 26-30, 2006

New York State Home Grounds

What the shooters had to say...

"We shot at the NYSATA home grounds this past week and the weather was brutal, severe storms, power outages, trap houses full of water, etc., etc.  But throughout all the problems the volunteers of the NYSATA still managed to put on a great shoot.....My hat is off to them."

"I'd also like to congratulate the NYSATA on a fine shoot under the worst series of conditions I've ever seen at a shoot.  I was just waiting for the famine and locusts.  I never thought they would get the 200 singles in on Saturday.  How many other clubs could get 120 squads through 200 singles with *no* power going to the club?  Like Curt, my hat is also off to Keith Welch, Brian Whalen. and all the other NYS Directors and staff who managed to pull off a decent shoot under very difficult circumstances."

"Enough just cannot be said for all who gave a helping hand to keep the shoot going.  The officers and directors of the NYSATA worked long and hard hours under some very trying conditions and deserve the praise extended to them.
     I would also like to remind folks that the shooters themselves also deserve a well done for shooting in some of the toughest conditions I've ever seen.  Most just took in stride and knew that sometimes we have to shoot in the wind and rain.
     Likewise, our camping shooters never hesitated to bring their generators and cords to the trap fields when electric was lost and that absolutely saved the shoot.
     As I've said before . . . . that's just how trap shooters are . . . friendly and helpful.  We shooters deeply appreciate those who provided any help at all.  I had a great time with a lot of good friends and will probably remember this Eastern Zone for a long time."

Comments posted at Trapshooters.com...

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New York State ATA

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Photos: Bob Howard

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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