Silverton Sporting Ranch

Grand Opening Sporting Clays Event

Silverton Sporting Ranch’s Grand Opening Sporting Clays Event was a great success for our first shoot. Saturday’s Sub Gauge Events on Saturday saw Billy Major of East Freedom, MA, taking HOA with Mark Brannon, of Durham, ME taking Runner Up.  Station 14 was one of the more challenging with two quartering incomers.  The first was a low battue that came close but fooled some who misread it’s curl and shot over or behind or both.  The second target looked simple- nearly straight, close and low but caught many.

Shooters had the chance to warm up both days on the 5 Stand.  Saturday’s set up was challenging and with a few changes Sunday’s 5 Stand was world class.

The 5 Stand was also the site of the shoot off for Runner Up (both with 85’s) for the Main Event between Bill Norsworthy of Chapman, ME and Micah Parker of Meredith, NH.   Bill took Runner Up honors on tough targets called by Richie Frisella Jr. Billy Major again took HOA for the day’s events with an 87.

Stations were changed Saturday night by course designers Buzz Mendoza and Richie Frisella, Jr.

Station 14 now included a longer left to right battue and a fairly long right to left chandelle.  Curling targets at any distance bother many shooters and this course had plenty. Station 2 caused lots of shooter problems.  Using a tower a simo pair of a battue and a midi, the targets crossed and had many struggling with which to take first.  Stations 10 & 11 were very picturesque shooting over two ponds.  A rabbit between the two ponds with a settling black duck made for a very challenging pair.

Micah Parker took AA with an 85 with Gerald Copp second shooting an 82.  Class A went to Billy Major with an 87 and Bill Norsworthy second with an 85.  Class B winner was Matt Jannarone with an 84 and Greg Leavitt second with an 80.  Troy Pelletier took top honors in Class C with an 81 with Walt Harman coming in second but only after losing a tie breaker by one with Troy on scores of stations 2, 4, & 6.  Troy was also victorious in a tie breaker with Bill Norsworthy on Saturday in the 28G event.  Class D was won by Bill Roberge, shooting a 61 with Anthony Cote in second with a 56.  Eric Persson took Class E with a 73 and Gerry Tishler was second with a 70.

The 3rd Annual Dirigo Cup State Side By Side Championship was taken by defending champion Doug Waterman of Burnham, ME.   Billy Major took Runner Up honors.


July 7, 8 & 9: NWTF Women In the Outdoors Event
August 12 & 13: NAHRA Hunt Test
August 19 & 20: Sporting Clays Event & State 5-Stand Championship

Canaan, Maine - April 29 & 30, 2006
Silverton Sporting Ranch

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Photos: Silverton Sporting Ranch

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