New York State
Sporting Clays Championships

Rochester Brooks - Rush, New York - August 5-7, 2005

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Thank you to you and your team for an outstanding job.  Great targets on both the sporting and the FITASC.

The new "Porter Park" made a very nice improvement to the shooting area.

These games are reaching new levels because of tournaments like this.




Bret you did a GREAT job with regards to the new course design. It looked like it was there for years and not just done over the last three months.

The RB guys that set the targets also did a GREEAT job. They made you pay attention, but they were fair and all hittable. You know there were good targets when you're finished and you want to go back and shoot them again.



I want to thank all of you who provided feedback on this weekend's NYS Championship.  It means a lot for the folks who put a lot of time and effort preparing for the shoot to know you appreciated the results of our hard work.  Our goal when we bid for this year's shoot was to make it "outstanding" - in every way we could.

We know we can not make everyone happy, as each of us is looking for something different.  Nor is everything going to turn out perfect.  We always listen to what people say - looking for input on what ought to be kept the way it was, and what could be improved.  That is the only way you get any better.

Sincerely, it was a pleasure to have all of you as our guests and to know most of you were happy you came.

Dave Hughes and the gang at Rochester Brooks.


This was a spectacular shoot, and I’m very proud to be a member of Rochester-Brooks gun club. It would be very difficult to find words that adequately describe the amount of work a small core of volunteers put in to prepare for this shoot, but I certainly would be remiss if I failed to highlight the extraordinary effort extended by Brett Porter in particular… 60+ hours/week since the US Open in creating a sporting clays course to dream about. The targets set by Brett, Gary Rivers, Jim Waterman and Glenn were some of the best I’ve shot, ever.

FITASC also was exceptional, and my hat is off to Dave Knotowitz & Jim Waterman for creating 4 innovative parcours that will also be long remembered.

I’d also like to highlight some of the prizes given away by the state association, funded completely by target fees and club membership dues:

A Beretta 391 shotgun (we also received donations from two very generous R-B members to help fund this)

A Beretta Waterfowl Coat

A paid entry to next years state shoot (which will be at Mid-County Gun Club, the hosts of the state shoot in 2004)

63 flats of Estate or Rio ammo

In addition, we raffled off more that $1,000 worth of merchandise donated by Bass Pro.

To who attended, thank you so much for the many kind words we received regarding this shoot… it’s hearing things like that and seeing the smiles on your faces that make all of the effort worthwhile!

Mike Krol
President, NY Sporting Clays Association


I would like to thank all of the fine ladies and gentlemen who attended the New York State Championship.  And I sincerely mean ladies and gentlemen.  Your comments,smiles,handshakes, and hugs made it all worth while.  If I ever had any question of why I was doing so much work, you all answered it.

This was my first time designing and building a course and setting targets, But with the support and help of what I consider great guys and true friends like Gary Rivers, Jim Waterman, Aaron Winters, Dave Hughes, Rick Wing, Steve Goodberlet, Lionel Andalo, Don Contrera and all the great referees, Dawn and Glenn of D&G sporting clays; and I can't thank Glen enough.  If there is someone who really made me feel at ease it was Glen, he is a great guy to have on your side.  Thank you Dawn for your hard work on the sporting clays and the Make-A-Break.  On Monday, removing traps and cleaning up, I could not help but to feel saddened that it was over and will miss Everyone.

Can't wait to do it again.  Thank you to all

Brett Porter



Photos by: Joe Potosky, Bob Howard, & Brice Duponsel

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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