Montpelier Gun Club
Berlin, Vermont
Vermont State Trapshoot
June 18-20, 2004


About 200 shooters attended the 96th annual Vermont State Trap shoot using 6 fields, all with pat traps and voice release.  The weather was mostly fine, a little rain Saturday morning but it was over by the time the shooting started, the wind did make for some challenging targets on the 2nd hundred.  Saturday night there was a pig roast on the grounds for supper.  We all had a fine time and many thanks to all who made it happen.

Clifford Is State's Big Shooter -- North Danville's Terry Clifford recently won the Vermont residents' single championship and the handicap championship.

In the singles competition you fire 16-yards from the trap house.  Out of 200 targets Clifford broke 196 of them tying Tylor Bigras of East Montpelier.

In the shoot off Bigras broke 48-out-of=50, while Clifford was perfect 50-for-50.

Clifford who was 20-yards from the trap house in the handicap shoot hit 95-of-100 targets to win that title outright.

Clifford, who is only in his second year of shooting registered trap is the first shooter to win both championships in the same year from the last 25 years.  Handicap Sunday, 95 out of 100 won outright, first title. second year shooting registered trap.

ATA Trap

Vermont State Shoot Winners - PDF


ATA Trap


ATA Trap

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Photos: Bob Howard

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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