Charles Daly Fun Shoot
Sporting Clays
La Roue du Roy
La Roue du Roy - June 5 & 6, 2004
Hemmingford, Quebec

100 Sporting Clays - 16 Stations

La Roue du Roy

Nice crowd with 200 shooters present.  The crew working the desk were knowledgeable and helpful, and the volunteers out on the course did a great job.  The club advertised that fifty cases of Federal shells were to be given away, but ended up awarding over one-hundred.

J.P. Trudel HOA - 95 Tony Olivieri AA1 - 95 Guy Goeffroy A1 - 88 Marco Pendenza B1 - 85
Jean Brousseau C1 - 82 Pierre Sauve D1 - 80 Tony Saoumaa E1 - 77 J.P. Cuppens F1 - 74
Jean-Yves Guyon G1 - 70 Diane Olivier H1 - 63 Jo Belanger I1 - 57


Charles Daly Shoot Scores - PDF


Sporting Clays
J.P. Trudel - HOA


Sporting Clays
Five Shotguns Awarded by Random Draw


Sporting Clays
Over 100 Cases Awarded

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Photos: Joe Potosky, Phil LaMarche, & Dennis Fontaine

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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