NCRRA Skeet & Trap Section
Connaught Ranges, Ontario
49th Capital of Canada Open Skeet Championships
May 21-23 2004


The weatherman was calling for rain, but except for a few sprinkles at the end of the day on both Saturday and Sunday, rain was not seen.  The shoot ran pretty smoothly with first rate referees on hand.  Marc-Andre Jodoin was HOA with a 396.  A shoot write-up is posted at this link.

NSSA Skeet

Motels are not more then 15 minutes from the club, and a major casino is located just north of Ottawa, maybe a twenty-five minute drive.  I did not have any problems crossing the border, either going or upon returning to the states.

NSSA Skeet
Brad McRae & Marc-Andre Jodoin
First 100 Straights in Skeet Doubles


NSSA Skeet
Shooting Marc-Andre Jodoin's Hat


NSSA Skeet
First 25 Straight in Registered Skeet - Tony Raponi


NSSA Skeet


NSSA Skeet

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Photos: Joe Potosky & Bryce Verrall

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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