Provincial de Skeet du Quebec

Mike Maddin - 12 Gauge - First 100 Straight

Club de Tir de Valleyfield

Quebec Provincial Open Skeet Championships

The Valleyfield club hosted the most successful 4-gun shoot held in Quebec in recent memory, filling all 4-gun slots and adding an extra rotation for one and two gun shooters.  The weather cooperated on Friday and Saturday with it taking a turn on Sunday, with on an off rain.  Even with rain and darkened skies on Sunday, four shooters shot first 100 straights in there respective gauges.

HOA: Brad McRae (398), RU Michael Blades (397).

Doubles: Marc Jodoin (98), RU Mario Quesnel (98); 12 Gauge: Brad McRae (100), RU John Fowler (100); 20 Gauge: Mario Quesnel (100), RU Michael Blades (100); 28 Gauge: Mario Quesnel (100), RU Steve Loveday (100); .410: Mike Hogan (100), RU Brad McRae (100).

First 100 Straights: Mike Maddin (12 Gauge), Leo Laplante (20 gauge), Brad McRae (.410), Mike Hogan (.410), & Mike Blades (.410).

Photos - Thursday, Aug 24

Photos - Friday, Aug 25

Photos - Saturday, Aug 26

Photos - Sunday, Aug 27



St-Stanislas-de-Kostka, Québec - 25-27 Août 2005

Back from the Dead

The Valleyfield club has made a remarkable comeback in the last three or four years, as the club at that juncture looked like it would be closed due to years of neglect.

Repairs had not been made on machines or buildings for more than a few years and the property was an eyesore.

Registered skeet and trap shooting had ceased, active members an endangered species, and the club didn't have money.

A small number of concerned shooters, both skeet and trap, took command of the club and started a long term program to bring the club back to the forefront of Quebec shooting.  The club only had a small number of members and the work load on those lending a hand on the turnaround was tremendous, with many reaching into there own pockets or making donations of material and/or labor.

Members installed a third skeet field, purchased a PAT trap and voice release, purchased a modified Winchester Basket for an old style Winchester trap machine, built a five stand, repaired and replaced pads, built gun racks, rebuilt all five trap fields, rebuilt the skeet machines, repaired the club house roof, and replaced two fences.   I’m sure I missed a few areas that have been given a going over, but you get the picture.…

The club now holds both registered skeet and trap shoots.

Future projects are to replace the remaining fences, paint all building and fences, purchase additional machines for the 5-stand, and to purchase an additional PAT trap and voice release.

Club de Tir de Valleyfield

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