2004 International Police & Fire Games
Las Vegas, NV - August 5-15, 2004

Nellis Rod & Gun Club - Skeet

Desert Lakes Country Club - Sporting Clays
Las Vegas Gun Club - Trap

By Phil LaMarche:  Well, Team "HARD WAY" held their own this past week at the International Police & Fire Games.  The team consisted of Mike Pullman, Dave Lahah, Tom Markouick, Ray Strabauy, and Phil LaMarche.

Team "hard way" brought home twenty-seven medals.  Ten of which were in two team events.  The IPFG had a good showing and well represented by the world.  Shooters were from Australia, Russia, Great Britain, and all four corners of the USA.

Day one was at the Desert Lakes Sporting clays Club.  We shot gun of choice and sub gun event.  Most everyone used a 28 gauge.  The clays were set very well.  Using the contours of the rolling desert too their advantage, the clays were challenging.  Team "Hard Way" won Bronze in sporting clays sub gun.   Dave Lahah picked up Gold in sporting sub gun B Class, Mike Pullman picked up a Gold in sporting 12 g. in D class.  Tom Markouich picked up gold in sporting 12g. B class

Day two & three were held at Las Vegas Gun Club trap field.  We shot 4 events in two days; Riot gun trap doubles, 16 yards, and 24, yard.  Things went well.   The team picked up Silver in 16 yard trap.  Tom Markouich was gold winner in trap Doubles C class.  Ray Strabauy - Silver trap doubles A class - bronze trap 16 yard AA - silver trap 24 yard A class.  Phillip picked up silver in riot trap, and bronze in 16 yard trap B class.

Day four and five were spent on Nellis AFB.   Shooting skeet, MIke picked up a silver in the 12 g D class.  Dave picked up a bronze in skeet riot B class and a gold I sub gauge D class.  Tom silvered in skeet Riot B class gold doubles C class.  Ray picked up bronze in 12g C class and the same in skeet riot A class.  He beat me by one bird with my gun!  Phil did get bronze in sub gun B class.  I also shot my first 99 in skeet, which put me into AA class and all I received was a Thank you for Coming!


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Photos: Phil LaMarche

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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