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Knotty Pine Skeet Club - 2013 Knotty Pine Open

Knotty Pine Skeet Club - Kirkland, Ontario - July 2013

Graham Kirby (with the gun) and Bill Zager win champ and r/u in the handicap shootoff at the Knotty pine open after 2 boxes of 3-4-5 doubles.  This is the second year in a row that the handicap shoot off got down to these two shooters, with the same final results.

Jordy Ireland (with the gun) shoots 100 straight in the first 100 of the Knotty pine open, Larry Brookes in his first ever job as a referee pulls his first 100 straight.  Jordy and Larry shot and pulled another 100 straight the next day to give Jordy the championship with a perfect 2x2 in this 200 target, 12ga shoot.

Carly Rozins shoots her first 25 straight at the Knotty pine open on July 13th.  Carly also beat her squad mate and coach Tony Raponi for the second time in as many years at the Knotty pine shoot.

Jonathon Ball from the Barrie gun club shoots his first registered shoot at the Knotty pine open on July 12th.  Welcome to the NSSA and registered shooting!

Anthony Savella wins D class champion, this was only his second registered shoot and he is already winning.  Congratulations Anthony, you wont stay in D class very long shooting like this.

Dan Hardin (in black) and his referee Larry Brookes, Dan shot his best score ever a 98/100 at the Knotty pine open in July.

Victoria Hardin shoots her first 25 straight at the Knotty pine open on July 14


Frank Stewart
Knotty Pine Skeet Club

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