Clays Vermont

2008 State Championships - Skeet

Underhill Rod & Gun Club


By Peggy Meunier

There were no 100ís again this year at the Vermont State Championships which were held July 25 Ė 27 at the Underhill Rod & Gun Club. The Doubles were held on a muggy and windy Friday. Dean King & Josh Martin took CH & RU. The thunderstorms held off until shooting was over on Saturday, but the wind sure raised havoc with the targets. However, chief chef Ronnie Seymour got wet cooking our delicious rib-eye steaks. Shawn Broe, 99 and Russ Fortin, 98 took the 12 ga. honors, while Nils Englund and Josh Martin had a lengthy shoot-off to settle their 99ís, finishing in that order.

Before dinner, the state meeting was held. President, Ted Meunier, presented the JR trophy to Matt Smith from Pownal, who has won it three years in a row. Next year heíll be shooting as a CL. Following that, Burt McGowan, Vermontís 1st state director, generally known (among other things!) as the founder of skeet in Vermont, was honored for his 50 years of shooting registered skeet. He was presented with a plaque from VSSA, a certificate and a gold 50 year pin from NSSA. He was duly humbled, impressed and grateful and thanked everyone.

State officers were re-elected: President, Ted Meunier; Vice President, Howard Osborne; Secretary, Wayne Brown; and Treasurer, Susan King. Peggy Meunier resigned as Chief Referee; Fred Golish was unanimously elected to fill that position.

Sunday was pretty much a carbon copy of Saturday, weather-wise and score-wise, too! Dean King, 99 and Gordon Adams, 98 won the 28 ga., while Lanny Benoit, 95 and Ernie Broe, 94 walked away with the .410 honors. Dean King beat Gordy Adams by one target to determine HOA and HOA RU. The concurrent winners were: JR, Matt Smith; TS, Josh Martin; SU, Shawn Broe; SS, Gordon Adams; SR, Lanny Benoit; VT, Ted Meunier; LY, Peggy Meunier; and RM, Ted Meunier.

We were all pleased to have our last state director, Jack Corse, pay us a visit on Sunday afternoon. All in all, it was a very successful shoot, thanks to lots of volunteers and camaraderie.

Ted Meunier (r) presenting 50 year pin and plaques to Burt McGowan


Dean King, HOA, Doubles CH and 28 Ga CH;   Shawn Broe, 12 Ga CH;  Nils Englund, 20 Ga CH;
Lanny Benoit, 410 CH;  Gordon Adams, HOA RU and 28 Ga RU.


Peggy Meunier, LY CH;   Matt Smith, JR CH;  Nils Englund, 20 Ga CH;
Josh Martin, Doubles RU and 20 Ga RU;  Russ Fortin, 12 Ga RU;   Shawn Broe, 12 Ga CH.

Submitted by: Ted Meunier

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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