North Country Sportsman's Club

Summer Fun Shoot 2009

By Tom Blair, August 22, 2009

Williston, Vermont - We had 30 adult shooters and 5 in the youth category.

There were three regular 50 bird events, and then a bonus "Buddy Shoot" event at the end of the day.

In the Trap event (25 from the 16 yd line, and 25 from the 22 yard line). Charlie Bethel was the big winner with a score of 47. Charles (Scotty) Scott and Mike Goetz were hot on his heels with 46's.

The Trap doubles event attracted a lot of attention, with Mike Weaver posting the high score of 39, with Charlie Bethel close behind with a 37 (tough background and windy - that's their story and they're sticking to it).

The 5-Stand event was won by John Vibber with a 40, and Mike Weaver took second place honors with a 39 in that event. 5-Stand was a 50 bird event with 15 report pairs, and 10 true pairs, a pretty tough spread.

Burt McGowan and Mike Goetz took first place in the Buddy Shoot (shot mostly from the 25 and 27 yard lines), with a 45. Charlie Shapiro and Laura Blair gave them a very tough run for it with a 44.

The winners all took home fresh baked fruit pies. (John Vibber reports that they are quite acceptable!)

Clays Vermont

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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