Derby Fish and Game Club
Derby, Vermont - August 19, 2007

L to R; John DeMarinis, Dave Jones, Roger Ashman & Steve Kehaya.  Kyle Aldrich above.

Dave Jones Winner of The Ben Heath Memorial Trap shoot

The Derby Fish and Game Club hosted their last trophy trap shoot of the season Sunday the 19th. Shooters enjoyed some of the best weather for any of the trap shoots held this summer and the attendance reflected that.

The Ben Heath Memorial is a 100-target shoot at all singles targets. Shooters went to the line 4 times and shot 25 shots each time. Special at this event is a rotating trophy for first place with previous winners name's listed on it. To add to the fun, shooters were told the first four people to shoot a clean round, all 25 targets without a loss, would win a box of shotgun shells. Also a free drawing was held during the shoot for 2 boxes of shotgun shells.

Dave Jones, Terry Clifford, John DeMarinis and Jim Spooner all shot 25 straight and won a box of shells. Jim Spooner had his name drawn for the free shells building his total to three boxes!

Again this year the shoot was hotly contested and some very close scores kept the trophy within reach for many shooters until the very end. Bob Rowe and Bruce Chesney did a great job working in the score shack recording scores.

Dave Jones was this year's winner with 94x100. Jones led from the first round, shooting 49 of the first 50 targets. John DeMarinis and Roger Ashman tied for second with 93x100 each. After a 25-target shoot off, Ashman took second by shooting a perfect 25, giving DeMarinis third. Steve Kehaya came in fourth with 92x100. Kyle Aldrich took the junior trophy with 79x100. These very close scores show how important each target is in a shoot like this.

After the shoot off, a round of "Protection" was shot from the very back of the trap field. In this game partners shoot as a team and can backup their partner if they miss. Teams are drawn at random to make things fair for all. Kyle Aldrich and Roger Stoddard won the Protection after a tie and lengthy shoot off. The game "Annie Oakley" was shot next from the same distance. In this game, shooters are eliminated until there is only one person remaining and they win. Roger Ashman was the last man standing and won the Annie Oakley.

The club will continue shooting practice trap Tuesdays and Wednesdays through the third week of September. Plans are already being made for next summer's trapshooting events. Thanks to everyone who has participated this summer and we hope to see you next year.

Roger Stoddard


Posted By: Joe Potosky

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