Sportsman's Club of Franklin County, Vermont - August 19, 2001


Presented to Plattsburgh Rod & Gun member Joe Potosky at the
conclusion of the Founders Day shoot by Jim Chapman.



To The Sportsman's Club of Franklin County;

I wish to thank the members of the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County for the plaque presented to me at the conclusion of the Founders Day clay target shoot on Sunday, 19 August.

I was presented the plaque by my friends at the Sportsman's club because of my enthusiastic support and promotion of shooting sports in New York, Vermont, and beyond.

The presentation was a complete surprise and left me at a complete loss for words.   For those of you who know me, being at a loss for words is not something that happens every day.

I accept the recognition for not only myself, but also for the group of shooters at each club who keep the shooting program alive.  I can easily name three or four shooters at each club that I visit each year, who deserve to be recognized by the shooting community more so then I.

Thank you so much.

Joe Potosky