I'd like for you to share your clay target photos (and/or videos) with the Lost Target audiance.

Did you take shoot photos and post them on a website such as Flicker, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook, Twitter or on one of the other available photo hosting sites?

Would you like to expand on the number of people that view your photos?

Send a link to your photos and I will post the link on the Lost Target, so all can enjoy!

Email your photo link to Lost Target Photos.

Any additional information you can provide; such as shoot location, name of the club, shoot date, and type of shoot would be helpful!


If you'd rather, you can always send photos directly for posting.  Send photos by email attachment.

If your going to edit prior, size 1200x800, for best viewing (posting at 16:9 ratio).  800 being the important number!

Lost Target Photos

OR, and recommended...

  • We Tranfer

    A free service that allows easy sending of photos and video over the internet.

    Send 2GB (Photos or Video) for Free.   Use over and over for free, as long as you stay under 2GB per email.