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Trap Semifinal using old equipment

Published December 8, 2012 - By Vadim Zevlever

As you probably know, the new rules published by ISSF changed again the final procedure for Trap and Double trap.

There is one semifinal with 6 (and not quarterfinal with 8 as they said before) shooters, shooting 15 targets each from stations 2, 3 and 4.  That requires upgrading current Release Boxes (also for Double Trap but it is a different story).

I calculated how to use old controllers in order to conduct the new Semifinal accordingly with the latest printing of ISSF rules, before the equipment is upgraded.  It requires certain level of concentration from the bunker operator during the round.

Vadim Zevlever, Toronto, Ontario

Conducting Trap Semifinal using old equipment / PDF Download

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