Club De Tir Josée

Hat's Off

Hat's off to a small club with a big heart!

A one (1) field club that offers skeet, trap and there version of sporting clays.  The club makes the most of it and each year holds some of the best fifty target sporting clays fun shoots that you will see held on such a small piece of property.

Using land on both sides of the combination skeet/trap field they offer rabbit shots, springing teal, incomers and all the rest that you expect to see at bigger clubs.

Not much choke is needed but they offer a variety of targets and everyone has a good time.

It can get a little backed up a the shoots and you may have to wait (hey, there running the shoot on land the size of a postage stamp).

If you think every shoot has to have targets where you need at least modified choke, then shooting at this club is not for you, but for the rest of us, have fun...

Each year the club normally schedules two sporting clays fun shoots.  For 2006 the club will host shoots on July 30th and September 17th.

For those who cross the border it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach the club from anywhere east of NY I-87. I usually follow Route 202 and then head north on Route 227. Also a reasonable drive if coming up from Vermont.

Saint Alexandre D'Iberville, Québec - April 2006

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Club De Tir Josée - Directions

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