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2070, Chemin du canal (route 338)
Les cèdres, Québec, J7T 1L7, Canada
tel : (450) 452-2417

Mister Shogun

July 17, 2005

Because of morning rains and a forecast for more rain and thunderstorms throughout the day, the shoot was cancelled.

Club owner Elie Zarife offered everyone who wished to stay and take their chances the opportunity to shoot all the events for 1/2 price.

A number of shooters took up the offer and had a good time, despite the threatening weather.  I left right after I completed my final event and ran into a downpour not five minutes from the club.

Various events were offered to include Olympic Bunker Trap, where I think I shot my career high with a 18x25, Trap Doubles with the machine oscillating, 5-Stand, Skeet Doubles, and some sort of game with machines set in front of the skeet high house and low house, throwing very high and fast out going targets, while the shooter moved from skeet stations two through six. All in all, some very interesting target variations.

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Photos: Joe Potosky

Posted By: Joe Potosky

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