Targetdust - Canada Shooting News - Summer 2001

Three Cheers for Ambassador Potosky

If there was a Canadian Skeet Ambassador's Hall of Fame one of the first individuals admitted would be a New York State gun enthusiast by the name of Joe Potosky.

Joe is a member of the Plattsburgh Rod and Gun Club and his continuing gun sport promotional efforts always includes a positive attitude about Canadian Skeet, especially regarding the new Canadian Gun Registration and how U.S. shooters can follow the procedures that allow them to carry their firearms into Canada for competitions.

He makes a point of keeping up with the regulations, and that is much better than most of us do.

Joe has attended many Canadian competitions and looks at the simplicity of the procedures involved in moving firearms across the border, and although burdensome at times, he reminds Americans that the sport is much more important than the restrictions imposed on it.

He promotes skeet events on both sides of the border and for his ambassadorial efforts on our behalf we thank and make him a Knight of the Court of Targetdust..........Rise Sir Joseph of Potosky